more about John

20151108_111001No one in my family could play an instrument or sing. Still I dreamed of some day playing music. I learned later on my grandfather, I never met played guitar. He was robbed and beaten to death when my mother was only six years old. This story inspired my song Home in Paradise. I got a late start in music . My college freshman roommate Craig Pettigrew played guitar so I bought a set of drums. We use to jam in his parent’s garage. I didn’t care what type of music as long as we were jamming. Craig dropped out of school and eventually moved to Austin. I finished school and followed him to Austin for the live music scene. With lots of pleading and begging , Craig finally showed me some chords. I had written some poetry and began to play and sing at the samejp-1-oval time. After a few months I went to sixth street with my Frisbee and borrowed guitar. I started playing these simple songs I had written and before long I had nice little crowd digging what I was doing . I thought what is wrong with these people. But I was pleasantly surprised by their encouragement. That was the beginning of my song writing experience. The last time I saw Craig , He was the Bass player for the Wagoneers out of Austin Texas. The band signed a deal with RCA in the early days of South by southwest. I moved back to Humble Texas and still reside there today. I kept playing and kept writing . I played in a couple of cover bands in bars and parties . Basically no wheresville. One day I walked into a Church Asked Jesus to save me and He did. This was the same day I met my future wife Linda. We married ten months later and she is still by my side. We have three handsome sons , they are also musically inclined. I ‘ve been writing gospel ever since. I put my music aside to raise my family. Then the oldest son Nathaniel, started playing lead . He breathed new life into the music. Nate is still trying to figure out his calling . I already Know. He will figure it out. A producer and promoters card named Shane Sawyer ended up in my hand. I played for him . He liked . We strike a deal . Nashville bound. Savior album . Website .Present day . Please listen, buy, enjoy! God Bless.