jp-1-ovalI would like to reach out to those who had a chance hear my “Savior” album. Thank you for your support. My hope of reaching stardom or fame and fortune has long since faded in my youth. I am aware that the gift God gave me is to be used for His glory and not my own. So I save my nickels and dimes and record as I can. The gift of Music is a wonderful thing. I enjoyed the music of so many artist who came before me. I hope the Lord will use the music , He has given me to enlarge His kingdom. I believe Jesus is coming soon. I patiently await His arrival. I will continue share with others His grace, kindness and mercy.

There is something I have learned in Fifty-two years of life. It took me a while but finally get it. I am just a servant to the creator and the most High God. My ministry is the music and words God gives to me. My voice is a gift from God . I did not give these things to myself. I was created by Him for His good pleasure. So I praise God .    I guess you can call me a dreamer. I dare to dream the impossible. I dare to reach for the stars in the heavens. I’ve always felt some where deep down inside me that I might make a difference.  My first connection to music was as  a  child playing records on my parents wooden console. There were two albums in the console, Hank Williams Sr. and Elvis. I did my best to wear them out. I listened to them over and over. I was hooked on the music , the voices and their messages.

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